Strength of Shareholders
C&D Corporation
A 100 billion state-owned enterprise, a leading company in Fujian
Influencing urban life with strength

Xiamen C&D Corporation Limited, was founded in 1980, as a powerful state-owned enterprise with an annual operating income of over RMB 840 billion and total assets of over RMB 720 billion, ranking 69th among the Fortune Global 500 in 2023. The main business covers supply chain operation, real estate development and operation, tourism and exhibition, medical and health care, emerging industry investment and other fields.

C&D Real Estate

With more than 40 years of mature development experience, C&D Real Estate regards “Building Diamond Life” as the brand concept of the company. It combines the concepts of finely crafted diamonds, long-lasting and solid, value-added, and the material connotation with the development concepts of the real estate industry, in order to create a living home with diamond quality. C&D Real Estate has successfully established the “Diamond brand” in the market with first-class product quality, first-class customer service and good reputation departing from the beautiful and livable Xiamen.

C&D Real Estate is the professional real estate development enterprise owned by C&D Corporation, a Fortune Global 500 enterprise. C&D Real Estate has developed seven business segments, including real estate development, property management, urban renewal and transformation, commercial management, agent construction and operation, engineering and design services, and investment in related industries.

In 2014, C&D Real Estate officially entered the international capital market with the acquisition of a Hong Kong listed company, C&D International Investment Group Limited (the former South West Eco Development Limited), to access international capital platform and gradually move towards a new stage of leapfrog development.